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You Don't Have to Go
It (Or Learn It) Alone
Violin Shack is a violin learning membership where you can get unlimited access to STRUCTURED webinar classes with Michael Sanchez, all the recordings, and a private lesson each month to make sure you are on track. 
Here's what members of Violin Shack get...
  •  The expertise of violinist Michael Sanchez who's been playing the violin for over 28 years and has written a book on how to play the violin/fiddle.
  •  Access to all STRUCTURED webinar classes— All the membership courses are currently being produced - be a part of the process of producing them with Michael Sanchez. A personalized experience with few students and lots of attention. 
  •  Attend classes per week as much as you want - Attend just one webinar class a week or many - whatever motivates you best. All classes are ASSIGNMENT FOCUSED AND PROGRESSIVE. Michael does webinar classes in one of 15 categories of violin/fiddle ability levels. You'll get links to join any of the classes and replays if you don't make the classes. 
  •  Get tailored assignments - Not always sure what to work on? Michael will give you a structured practice plan each week with practice goals, technique assignments, and specific parts to work on in actual violin sheet music. 
  •  Work through music - All of the membership classes use a book that have a goal in mind - to get you through the book and sound better when you are done going through it with Michael. 
  •  One Free Private Lesson Per Month. Get help with your violin playing on a personal one-on-one basis with Michael. 
  •  Admittance to every single training course which helps to meet you at your ability level and gives you the training, drills and technique advice to propel your violin playing forward...way forward.
  •  Access to our members-only private Facebook group—Get help from other players from the community as well as Michael Sanchez who will be very active with the page. 
"Michael is on FIRE! He's built a great model to help violinists worldwide. He's legit in what he teaches. I'm a student for life!"
- Bethany Kerry
Flint, MI
Ok, Let's Talk Training
Here's a taster menu of what you'll get and learn
The name gives this one away, but this training is designed to help you create a solid foundation for playing the violin and is a necessary step for all new violin players. Included is how to get everything you need including getting a violin, how to set up your posture, how to create solid technique and learn basic songs.
Learn songs out of my Violin Shack Book 1 with me guiding you every step of the way! Learn basic violin scales, how to play necessary key signatures, how to read music, bowings, dynamics, slurs, rhythm and more. You'll be able to master fun beginner songs, play songs at both slow and fast speeds with me and more!
This course is for anyone who wants to improve their sound on the violin by developing solid fundamentals. Included are tutorials on how to avoid all 30 crippling habits associated with playing the violin. This is a great place to start even if you are more advanced, and think you might have learned violin incorrectly. 
Violin Shack book 2 gets into how to master more key signatures and songs in A, F, Bb and more. Learn how to master bow crossovers, staccato, tricky slurs, 16th notes and more. You'll be able to play along with me to songs and get step-by-step technical advise on how to sound great in every song.
I'll be taking you through my method of mastering vibrato in 3-weeks which has worked tremendously well for my students. Learn step-by-step how to practice vibrato effectively, how to prevent tension in your hands, avoid all the mistakes associated with vibrato and lots lots more!
In this course, I'll be helping you get a solid foundation for understanding key signatures, tricky rhythms and lots more. I'll be taking you through my mathematical model that works really well for helping students count properly in music and keep solid tempo in any song.
This course is perfect for any violin player or beginner fiddler that has been playing at least two years, that wants to learn my method of learning the fiddle. Included are tutorials on bluegrass music, Irish fiddle and more. I'll be taking you through essential fiddle tunes, how to add slides, bluegrass bowings, how to play fast and more. 
In this course, I'll be taking you through advanced fiddle music like Devil went down to Georgia, Orange Blossom Special, and more! I'll have slow and fast versions of famous songs so you can follow along, and will include all my insights on how to learn any fiddle tune by ear, and establish proper fiddle style to every song. 
Love the thought of being able to jam at church or rock it out with a guitar player (or band)? I'll teach you how to understand chord structure and create melodies without using any music. You'll learn how to master playing with a guitarist and develop the skills to be able to join a jam session or sit in with any live band. 
I'll teach you my method of how to shift, how to play two-octave scales, and how to make sure you keep solid technique as your hand starts to move up and down the fingerboard. I'll be taking you through excerpts that get progressively challenging and give you plenty to practice. 
This training teaches you songs out of my Violin Shack Book 3 which has songs with tricky shifts and articulation between 1st and 3rd positions. You'll learn how to master intonation in 3rd position, play along with me to songs out of the book, and how to master vibrato in 3rd position. 
In this course, I'll be teaching you everything related to switching between keys, which will help you if you have goals of joining a starter-level ensemble or orchestra. You'll feel a lot more confident about sight-reading, playing fast, and how to get through tough rhythm spots in musical repertoire.  
This course will help you master all two-octave scales, including your first three-octave scale. I'll take you through etude books such as Mazas, Sitt, and Kreutzer, to be able to master shifting between 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th position. You'll also learn how to master vibrato in upper positions. This is a great prep course to be able to audition for any symphony orchestra. 
This advanced course covers how to master sophisticated rhythms in etude books, by understanding my mathematical model of working with tricky syncopated rhythms. This training will also include tackling all three-octave scales in various rhythms and keys. My method for practicing 3-octave scales is very useful for improving intonation and mastering sight-reading in all keys. 
This is my most advanced course which is recommended for students that have been playing 8-20 years. I will be teaching you how to master various concertos with double-stops, advanced spiccato and also how to perfect the Mozart Concerto in G Major Op. 216. After going through this course, you will be able to audition for any college-level orchestra or higher.  
There’s a LOT more where that comes from… but I don’t wanna overwhelm you!
Take a Look at a Month at The Shack at a Glance:
Welcome call!
You’re in! When you get accepted into the Violin Shack, you will get a personal phone call from Michael and emailed with his scheduler (where you can book a private lesson anytime once-a-month). You can start the conversation with Michael on what webinar classes you want to attend. 
Now you’re unleashed to explore Violin Shack and start taking part in our weekly live calls that break down like this:
Book Your Webinar Classes
Choose to attend either one, two or three webinar classes a week based on your ability level. 

By attending just one, you will get the appropriate lessons you need, and plenty to work on. But for those of you that like to get your money's worth, you can attend as many classes as you like.

All the class recordings will be posted in the members only area of the website where you can watch any that you want at your leasure. 
Watch Past Courses on Video
All the classes that Michael does is recorded on video. You can choose to go thorugh any of the previous classes he has put together through the members area which include assignments and practice goals for you to acheive. 
Ask Questions on Facebook
With only so many people signed up as members, you'll get very close access to Michael during the week with the ability to ask questions about the violin and get quick answers.

Also get to know others in the community that are interested in the violin and want to learn violin and fiddle too just as much as you do!
Book Your Private Lesson
Get access to one 30-minute private lesson with Michael Sanchez each month. This allows you to make sure you are doing everything right with the violin/fiddle, and ensure your success on the instrument. 

Ask any questions you want - the membership includes one free 30-minute lesson per month with Michael!
Meet the dean of Violin Shack
Hey there! My name is Michael Sanchez, CEO, Author of the book Fiddle for Dummies and creator of Violin Shack. 

Since 2007, I have taught over 500 students private lessons in person and have helped tens of thousands of people learn the violin online—and have loved every moment of it. 

In 2013, I was hired by Wiley corp. to write the "Fiddle for Dummies" book, now sold in stores worldwide. 

After building multiple websites centered around learning violin, I wanted to create something even better: I decided to create a system that would make learning the violin easy and help students learn properly and stay motivated. 

And just like that: Violin Shack was born. 

With all of our excitement and commitment to Violin Shack, I dove in, head first.

To be honest, I didn’t know where to start, or what to focus on first. So I just worked like mad, trying it all, putting together what I believe would be the most effective program. 

After seeing students need for proper instruction and a support system, it was then that I realized how crucial it was to have a supportive, understanding community to help students stay accountable, and always have a place to get answers to their questions along the way. 
Ways to Invest in Violin Shack
  • Access to All LIVE Private Webinar Courses
  • Attend Classes in the Day, Afternoon and Evening
  • Get Assignments from Michael Sanchez every week
  • All Current & Future Training Courses (Over 50 Hours)
  • One 30-Minute Private Lesson Per Month
  • Welcome Call with Michael Sanchez
  • Private Facebook Group
ANNUAL (2 Months free)
  • Access to All LIVE Private Webinar Courses
  • Attend Classes in the Day, Afternoon and Evening
  • Get Assignments from Michael Sanchez every week
  • All Current & Future Training Courses (Over 50 Hours)
  • One 30-Minute Private Lesson Per Month
  • Welcome Call with Michael Sanchez
  • Private Facebook Group
Join Violin Shack and start learning today.
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